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    We are all used to staying at home by now.  Some of you have utilized Third Grade Resources google classroom.  The resources on this site are OPTIONAL until the week of April 6.  At this time, we will roll out a soft opening of required learning.  This will be a week of figuring things out.  Mistakes will be made, and because of these mistakes, learning will happen. 


    Our google classroom will have district required work.  Students will have assignments in exact path/edmentum.  They are VERY FAMILIAR WITH THIS TYPE OF ASSIGNMENT.  I have seen a tentative work schedule /plan from the district that is very light and doable.  We will also be posting optional things for your child to do.  Please realize that I get feedback saying parents are busy and can't do too much at home with their child to emails saying could you give more so my child can stay occupied for longer throughout the day.  That is why we have posted quite a bit of material.  We will make sure you know exactly what is required and what is optional each week.  

    I will be having OPTIONAL zoom meeting.  This is something fairly new for me.  I have participated in Zoom meetings, but not scheduled and run my own meetings.  You will all get to see me out of my comfort zone live and in your homes if you choose.  I say this so you realize that you are not alone with feeling frustrated with new technology.  These zoom meetings will be done, for the most part, with small groups of kids.  I will teach concepts, review assignments they are having trouble doing, and touch base.  Your child does NOT have to participate.  This is an OPTION.  

    Please understand that I am trying my best to meet 27 different needs for students and families.  I won't be able to make all of you happy.  I am sincerely sorry about that.  Also ,understand that if you are making an effort to work with the district, everything will be fine.  


    I know that you have many worries on your mind.  I am here to help with your child's education.  We can and we will get through this.  


    Be safe!  Be Healthy! 

    Mrs. Price



Last Modified on March 30, 2020