Masks for Students

  • For the 2020-2021 school year, masks are required for all students.  Please be advised that neck gaiters are NOT an option, per school policy. 


    • Have kids practice wearing masks NOW.  That's what us teachers are doing!  We know it's a challenge, but a little practice at home will make it easier for all of us.  One person suggested wearing masks during screen time.  They can't get their device unless they are wearing their mask.  It's an easy, low pressure way to get in a few hours each week.  
    • GET A LANYARD to hook on the mask when it's lunch time or a mask break.
    • Try out different masks to see which is most comfortable for all day wear. 
    • The mouth and nose MUST be covered while wearing a mask, so make sure you practice wearing it the right way! 
    • Quiet kiddos might need to speak up when wearing a mask, so start now!
    • There will be possible "mask breaks" when students are seated at desks.  These will be announced by the teacher. 
    • Practice walking down stairs in a mask... sometimes the mask creeps up into your eyes!  
    • Please pack an extra mask each day, just in case we need it!
Last Modified on August 13, 2020