• Parent Pick Up Procedures for the 20/21 School Year

    *A document was emailed by Mr. Beeman on 8/14/20.*


    Morning Car Drop-Off

    Starting at 8:45 a.m. you may drop off your child off in the rear of the building.  PLEASE do not arrive at the gate until 8:35 am.  Any student that arrives after 9:00 am will be considered tardy and must report through the main office entrance.

    • Form a single line of cars from the gate at the rear of the building for drop-off.  Do not double park to drop off your child, as it is very dangerous to allow children to walk between cars.  Please pull up as far as you can along the curb.
    • Do not park your car in the drop-off area, even for a few minutes.  This backs up the drop-off line.  If you need to come in the building, park in the main parking lot or in the visitor parking spaces.


    Afternoon Car Pick-Up Number System - NEW

    THIS WILL BE A LITTLE DIFFERENT THIS SCHOOL YEAR: Students who are car pick-ups will begin being dismissed at 3:45.  At dismissal time, teachers will call children to the pick-up area when they see an adult with the assigned pick-up numbers.  As always, a note should be provided if your child will be a car pick-up.

    • NEW: Please park in a designated area out back in the parking lot. When you park, you can get out of your car with your pick-up number in hand. As you are approaching the designated area, a teacher will call for your child(ren) and they will come out to you.
    • Please be mindful of social distancing. Because our county is in the green zone, masks are requested not required. If our county would be in the yellow or red zone, masks will be required.
    • Please send in a note when your student will be a car rider.  If you forgot to send the note into school, please notify the office prior to 3:00 pm.  IF your student will be an everyday car rider, you may send in one note and state that they will be a car rider all year.
    • Only adults with official South Side car pick-up cards will be allowed to pick up children. If you do not have your assigned pick-up number on the school issued card you will be asked for your driver’s license for verification from the main office. 
    • Make sure your child knows your car pick-up number and listens carefully in order to be in the right spot when you arrive. Numbers change annually as our population changes.  It is imperative that the official South Side car pick-up card is used.
    • If your child is not available when you arrive at the car pick-up area you may be asked to wait momentarily for your child to come to the car pick-up area.


    When you arrive at SS and park your vehicle:

    • Please remain in your vehicle until 3:40 as you will have to wait until 3:45 for your child to be dismissed. While waiting in the student pick-up line, social distancing is required.
    • Please DO NOT arrive at the gate until 3:30 pm.
    • Please make sure that you park in a designated parking spot.
    • Please DO NOT park on Pleasant Road and walk over to the school to pick up your child.
    • Children are NEVER permitted to be dropped off in the front of the building along Union Deposit Road.  THIS IS A MAJOR SAFETY CONCERN.
    • Please DO NOT stop, stand, or park on Union Deposit Road or Pleasant Drive.  If you do, you will be subject to a fine by the Lower Paxton Township Police.



Last Modified on October 31, 2020