Transportation Rules and Regulations

  • The following are a listing of rules and regulations for pupil passengers on district transportation:

    Rules and Regulations for Pupil Passengers

    At All Times

    Your school day begins when you step off your property to board the bus. Therefore, you are under the rules and regulations of Central Dauphin School District. All rules and regulations apply while being transported to and from school. Your driver is an employee, and according to law, has the right to enforce and discipline students when necessary.

    Exercise caution, good manners and consideration for other people. Obey the driver; his/her first concern is for your safety. 

    Waiting for the bus

    • Be at your stop five minutes ahead of time.
    • Your bus driver has a schedule to keep. If you are not at the bus stop, he can’t wait for you.
    • Respect the property rights of people who reside at or near the bus stop.
    • Wait for your bus at a safe place, well off the highway, on the side of the street. Cross the street to enter the bus only when the bus is stopped and the red flashing signals are on.
    • When the bus approaches, get in line.
    • Stay clear of the bus until it has come to a complete stop.
    • Let smaller children board first.

    Boarding the bus

    • Always use the handrail.
    • Go up the steps one at a time.
    • Don’t push or crowd others.
    • Go directly to your seat. The bus will not move until all passengers are seated. Regulations do not permit passengers to stand in a moving school bus. Bus driver may assign seats.

    Conduct on the bus

    • Place books or parcels on your lap.
    • Keep the aisle clear.
    • Avoid loud talking, the use of profanity and causing confusion that might distract your driver.
    • Ask the driver for permission before opening windows.
    • Keep arms and head inside the bus.
    • Students should not throw anything into or out of the bus.
    • The emergency door and exit controls may be used only during supervised drills or actual emergencies.
    • The bus is not a playground. Save wrestling and horseplay for another time.
    • Don’t smoke or chew tobacco.
    • Remain seated until the bus has come to a complete stop at its destination or your bus stop.
    • Help your drivers to keep the bus clean and in good shape.
    • Don’t eat on the bus, write on the seat backs, or throw things on the floor.

    Getting off the bus

    • Use the handrail and take one step at a time.
    • Pushing or crowding could cause an accident.

    After you leave the bus go directly to your assigned place or home. You must have a written request from your parents approved by your building principal before you can ride a bus other than your assigned bus. A written request is also necessary to get off at a stop other than your own.

    Transportation Video Recordings

    Video recorders are placed on school buses to be a deterrent against acts of misconduct, thus providing a safer environment for students, drivers and the motoring public.

    Video tapes capturing misbehavior may be used at conferences with parents and as evidence for disciplinary action.

    Parking Regulations

    Parking areas are for the exclusive use of Central Dauphin School District employees, authorized pupils, parents and visitors on school business.  Unauthorized persons are subject to arrest for trespass violations.

    Parking areas are school property and the smoking, weapons and controlled substance policy shall be strictly enforced.

    Pupils’ vehicles must be registered in the school office. A parking permit must be purchased and displayed while on school property.           

    • For a copy of the District's Student Code of Conduct Click HERE