• Withdrawal Procedure

    Elementary - Pupils moving from Central Dauphin School District should inform their teacher and the school office at least three (3) days in advance. On the last day of attendance, the pupil will be given a transfer card. Test data, report cards and other information kept by the school system will be mailed to the pupil’s new school when a request for the release of these records is received from the school to which the pupil transferred.

    Secondary - Any pupil who plans to withdraw from school shall discuss this matter with a guidance counselor as soon as possible.

    The last day a pupil plans to be in school, he or she shall report to the guidance counselor to secure a withdrawal form. Pupils should then observe the following procedure:
    1. Submit all books, money owed, equipment, etc., to each teacher concerned and secure teacher’s initials to signify that clearance has been completed. Money owed must be submitted to the sponsor of the organization involved.
    2. Go to a guidance counselor for a final interview.
    3. Return completed form to office secretary who will obtain principal’s signature indicating that permission is granted for the pupil to withdraw from school on the date indicated. Locker key refunds and final obligations shall be transacted at this time.