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    Technology Insurance Fee & Damage Liability


    With proper care, your Chromebook should last through your high school years, but accidents and loss can occur. To protect yourself, the school district has partnered with Safeware to help families with accidents that can happen. You may even insure personal devices through this insurance option. The company will handle all repairs and replacements under the program. Non-insurance repairs will be performed by district staff.

    Without insurance, repair and replacement costs may be the responsibility of the student/parent.

    Costs for yearly insurance plans on district owned devices:

    • Non-Touch Chromebooks- $24.53 per year.
    • Touch Screen Chromebooks- $28.62 per year. (the majority of our devices fall under this category)
    • Windows Laptops- $47.02 per year. (note: this option is also available for staff members)

    Please see the insurance pamphlet for more details:  CDSD - District Device Insurance Flyer

    The insurance fee does NOT cover the loss of accessories or peripherals including the power adapters and hotspot. 

    If you consider not buying insurance, you may be responsible for repair costs. Below you will find a chart of estimated costs of repairs for Chromebooks for those choosing NOT to purchase insurance:

    Estimated Repair and Replace Costs without Insurance - Price Ranges Based on Model


    $43 - $130 

    Motherboard (Broken connectors and ports)

    $100 - $230


    $50 - $110


    $25 - $100

    Power Adapter

    $20 - $30



    Lost/Stolen/Complete replacement

    $300 estimate