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    Technology Protection Fee & Damage Liability
    The Device Protection Plan (DPP)


    With proper care, your Chromebook should last years, but accidents and loss can occur. New this year, the district's own Device Protection Plan (DPP) offers district families the opportunity to provide coverage for accidental damage to their students’ assigned devices. DPP Flyer Link





    The DPP will cover:

    • Parts replacement (screen, keyboard, system board, etc.) for accidental damage
    • Device replacement if the device cannot be repaired or if the cost of device parts exceeds the book value of the device
    • Device parts under warranty
    • Device defective parts
    • Device parts determined to need replacement due to normal wear and tear
    • Device labor repair costs

    Up to two incidents per year of accidental damage.

    The DPP will NOT cover:

    • Lost, stolen, or damaged chargers
    • Lost or stolen devices
    • Fire or water-damaged devices without proof of insurance claim submission or other legal document of the incident
    • Malicious damage to devices
    • Device damage done prior to date of DPP purchase

    Without protection, repair and replacement costs may be the responsibility of the student/parent.

    Costs of DPP

    • Chromebooks - $25 + a convenience fee of $1.95 will be charged by K12PaymentCenter.com per device. Total:  $26.95

    • Windows Laptops - $40 + a convenience fee of $1.95 will be charged by K12PaymentCenter.com per device. Total:  $41.95

    Term of Contract and Enrollment Period

    The length of the DPP will be from the date of DPP purchase through June 30 of the following year.

    The DPP enrollment period for students enrolled in the district at the beginning of the school year is July 1 thru September 30.

    The program will be kept open all school year for students enrolling in the District after September 30 to sign up when they enter the district.  After September 30, payment must be made by cash in the exact amount, check, or money order.  The district does not pro-rate the amount.

    The protection fee does NOT cover the loss of accessories or peripherals including the power adapters and hotspot. 

    Chargeback Policy for Non-DPP Enrolled Devices

    If a family does NOT enroll in the DPP program, the following will apply:

    All devices with damaged screens will require the parent/guardian to pay $50 by cash in the exact amount, check, or money order in order to receive a replacement device.  The parent/guardian will then be invoiced by the district for repair/replacement costs in excess of $50.  For all other user damages, the parent/guardian will be invoiced for the cost of replacement parts.  For reference, below is the average cost for parts that are commonly replaced due to user damage:

    Chromebook Estimated Replacement Costs:

    Chromebook Estimated Replacement Costs




    Dell (non-WFC)

    Dell (WFC)


    WFC = World Facing Camera






















    LCD Back Cover







    Bottom Cover















    Windows Laptop Estimated Replacement Costs:

    Windows Laptop Estimated Replacement Costs
    Motherboard $475 
    Screen $115 
    Palmrest/Keyboard $105 


    Damaged Device Procedure

    The parent/guardian must call the IT Service Desk at 717-346-9452 or submit a service desk ticket through the parent portal on the district website to schedule an appointment at the District Administration building on 600 Rutherford Road. The device and charger must be brought to the appointment. The device will be evaluated for repair or replacement.

    Please see the DPP handout for more details.