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    1:1 Technology Self-Help


    It happens, but many problems can be solved easily at home by following a few simple steps. If you are having trouble with your Chromebook, try some simple procedures before contacting the CDSD Help Desk. Help can be found here or in any Canvas class in the Canvas Help page that is linked on the course home page.

    Common Chromebook Troubleshooting 

    If you are having trouble accessing webpage content, running programs, or logging into certain resources, the suggestions listed below can solve the majority of all problems. These are also the same first steps the I.T. Help Desk will use if you contact them. 

  • - How to Install Chrome Extensions

  • - Password Reset

  • - Slow performance/memory resources are low

  • - Unable to view web content properly or password issues

  • - If the above options do not solve the problem, try Power Washing the Chromebook

  • If you continue to experience problems after trying the steps above, contact the CDSD contact the Help Desk at 717-346-9452 or email to servicedesk@cdschools.org.

    Common Canvas Questions:

    Canvas, a Learning Management System (LMS), is the official online classroom for the secondary schools. Students will be accessing Canvas daily for many of their subjects completing lessons, quizzes, and many assignments within the system. Parents can create Observer accounts in Canvas to be able to follow along with class content and view the progress of their child. Canvas can be accessed on any computer using the links found in the Student and Parent Portal on the school website or through the Canvas Parent and Students apps for Apple and Android devices, downloadable through your phone app stores. 

    Detailed information on many Canvas topics can be easily accessed through any Canvas course using the "Canvas Help" link found on every class home page. 

     Canvas Class Help Link

     Canvas help topics, documentation, and videos: 


    The videos above will walk you through logging into Canvas, interface overview, and course navigation

  • - The Canvas Parent's Guide

  • - Student Login & Basic Navigation

  • - Canvas Phone App

  • - Setting Notifications for Class Content

  • - Submitting Assignments in Canvas

  • - Taking Quizzes in Canvas

  • - Posting Replies in Discussions