Below are some of the policies for my classroom. These may change throughout the year (especially the volunteer opportunities), but I will keep you informed of anything new.



    I will send a weekly update outlining content, tests, and any special events for the upcoming week. If you have any questions regarding the content of the weekly update, please feel free to contact me. The easiest way to communicate with me is through email, although I will gladly speak with you over the phone as well. 


    Assignments / Take Home Folder

    Students have folders in which they will carry materials to and from school. At home, they may have math and/or spelling homework assignments to complete. Students will write the homework assignments in their planners. Please check your child’s planner daily for notices about homework or papers that you need to sign and return. Please initial your child's planner each night to show that you have seen the assignments.


    • Math – Each student will have a GO Math booklet for school and homework. When assigned, students should complete all of the front and top rear section of the homework page unless otherwise noted. The Spiral Review section may contain content that students have not learned. Students should only work on the problems in this section that pertain to skills with which they are familiar.



    Please see the Central Dauphin School District website for grading guidelines. 

    I will use multiple measures for student grades, including:

    • Tests
    • Quizzes
    • Writing Pieces
    • Projects, Performance Tasks, and other Assignments
    • Skill Checklists
    • Written Responses
    • Class Participation (will count for a minimal amount towards grade, and may not be applied in all subjects)

    - I will grade written responses through the use of rubrics, all of which I will make available to students prior to starting the activity. Some activities will have a specific rubric, while others will utilize a general rubric. I will send a copy of the general response rubric home with your child once I have explained it to him or her.  



    If your child misses a day of school, please use the notepad provided to send a note of absence with your child when he or she returns to school. Please do not write absence notes in the student’s planner, as I cannot send it to the office as proof of excuse.If a student is absent on the day that homework is due, he or she will be expected to turn it in on the day that he or she returns. 


    Study Trips:

    Please contact the office for study trip forms. With notice, I can provide work for students to complete over the trip. 


    Behavior Plan:

    Our classroom will use a behavior system that will help students meet the expectations of the school and to help create a safe learning environment. I will explain and model the expectations, and I will have students practice them frequently. I will use positive reinforcement as a way to reward students for following expectations. Students will have the opportunity to earn North Side High Fives, which they can spend towards items in the school store. Students can earn High Fives through demonstrating responsible behavior, following the rules, and being a good class citizen. 

    The High Five expectations are:


    • Be Kind
    • Show Respect
    • Be Responsible
    • Come Prepared
    • Be Safe


    Device Policy:

    • District-Issued Chromebooks

    Students who have Central Dauphin issued Chromebooks are expected to bring their device to school each day. Chromebooks should be charged before arriving at school. Students who repeatedly forget to charge their district issued device may lose privileges in the classroom. Students must also abide by the Central Dauphin standards for internet usage. Students will use these devices for educational purposes only. 

    • Personal Chromebooks, iPads, Laptops

    Students who complete a BYOD form may bring in a device to use on the district network during school. Students should charge their device before arriving at school, as there will be limited opportunities to connect to power at school. Students who do not have a charged device may need to borrow a device from the school (if available) or partner up with others. Students must abide by the Central Dauphini standards for internet usage. Students will use these devices for educational purposes only. 

    • Cell Phones / Smart Watches

    Students may bring cell phones and/or smart watches to school, but they may not send or receive calls or text messages. Cell phones should be kept in student bookbags on 'silent'. Students whose phones ring during class will be given one warning, after which they will be referred to the office as per district policy. Students who initiate a call or send a text message will be referred to the office without warning. Cell phones will only rarely be permitted for educational activities, so students should not expect to use them in the school building. 


    Toy Policy:

    Toys are not permitted in school. This includes fidgets of any kind (not designated by an IEP or 504 Plan), cards, slime, or play educational supplies. Students will be given one warning before their toy is collected. Collected toys must be picked up by an adult or will be redistributed in June (Balls for recess are permitted with teacher approval). 


    Birthday Treats:

    Please check with me in regards to birthday treats. Due to Covid-19, these opportunities may be limited.  


    Volunteer Opportunities:

    Please check with me in regards to volunteer opportunities. Due to Covid-19, these opportunities may be limited.  

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by phone, email, or a written note in your child’s planner. I look forward to a wonderful year with your child!

Last Modified on August 23, 2021