• Central Dauphin High School Jewelry Procedure

    All jewelry regulations are solely rooted in safety.  The highest priority in physical education is to provide a safe environment for participation in activities for all students.  We recommend that all jewelry be removed as this provides the safest environment and prevents loss and damage of students’ possessions during activity.

    Students may wear stud earrings during any activity. All other types must be removed for participation. This would include but is not limited to:  hoops, bars, dangles, drops, cuff, etc.

    When engaging in activities that involve close proximity of participants or the use of equipment that jewelry may get caught on, students will be required to remove jewelry for participation.  This would include but is not limited to: team sports, weight lifting, etc.  The physical education teacher will provide guidance to students prior to beginning the activity.

    When engaging in fitness or individual activities students are encouraged to use fitness trackers, watches to better access their fitness level and progression.