What will we be learning this year?




    Our reading curriculum is comprised of 10 units. In each of these 10 units we will be focusing on the following skils:

    * Metacongative  and fix up 

    * comprehension to build knowledge

    * Vocabulary


    * Grammar& Language

    *Foundational Skills: Word Study
    and Fluency
    *Speaking and Listening to Demonstrate Knowledge


    The students will learn to write the following type of writing throughout the year.

    * Write to a Text-Based Prompt:Informational/Explanatory Essay
    * Write to a Text-Based Prompt:Opinion Essay 
    * Write to a Text-Based Prompt:Narrative 
    * Process writing: opinion writing 
    * Process writing: narrative writing   
    *Process writing: research project
    * Process writing: poetry
    * Multi media presentation 



    Some of the many concepts we will discuss this year include: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, place value, decimals, fractions, measurement conversions, geometry, and order of operations.

    The math unit tests have proven to be very challenging; therefore, after the initial grading, students will be allowed to make test corrections and resubmit their tests for up to half credit on each incorrect problem. More information will be presented at a later date.

    Science/Social Studies

    Our content time is split between science and social studies. For a portion of each trimester, we wil cover topics within both science and social studies. The following are topics we will cover this year:


    • life science
    • Physical Science 
    • earth and space science 

    Social Studies:

    • Geography
    • Exploration
    • United States History
    • Government
Last Modified on August 24, 2023