• How to Join Band!

    Band is open to all interested 4th and 5th grade students. Here are the steps you and your student should follow to join band:

    1. Choose an instrument

    2. Register: complete the Google Form OR fill out the paper form and turn it in to school

    3. Get an instrument and other supplies

    More details about each step are listed below!

  • Step 1: Choose an Instrument

    It's important to choose an instrument that your student will enjoy holding, playing, and listening to. It's important to remember that all of the instruments have their challenges, so choosing an instrument only because it looks easy isn't the best way to go.

    Students can choose from the following instruments in elementary school:

    Woodwind family:

    Brass family:

    Percussion family:

     Need help deciding? Scroll down to see videos of each instrument being played!


  • Step 2: Registration Form

    There are two ways to register: either complete the Google Form, OR fill out the last page of the registration packet and return it to school. A digital or hard copy form needs to be completed by an adult in order for a student to be added to the band or orchestra roster.

    Online registration: Click here!

    Or download the 2023 Registration Packet

    (The packet includes important information about area music stores and needed supplies, so look it over even if you complete the online form.)

  • Step 3: Get an Instrument

    There are several recommended ways to get an instrument for your student.

       1. Rent or Buy from Music Store: Check out the Registration Packet for a list of area music stores. Most of them offer rental or rent-to-own programs. Some even offer special pricing for the first few months, while your student is deciding if that instrument is right for them.

       2. Borrow from Friend or Family: If a friend or family member has a used instrument available, it might be perfect for your student. Please send it in to school to see if it needs any repairs or cleaning before the first lesson.

       3. Borrow from the school: The school has a small selection of instruments that are available for students to use. These instruments are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, so make sure to submit your registration form quickly, and indicate that you'd like to be considered to borrow a school instrument.

    We do NOT recommend buying an instrument off the internet. Many items on the internet that look like instruments are actually ILOs (Instrument-Like Objects) that will give your student a hard time, and will cost you much more money in repairs than they are worth. If you think you have found a good internet deal on a quality instrument, please forward the link to a music teacher so they can check it over.

    We do NOT recommend buying an instrument that comes in a fun color. Colored instruments are usually made with much lower quality standards than other instruments, and do not typically help your student to sound as good as they could.


    All students will need a folding music stand, to hold their music while they practice at home. We DO recommend getting a stand in a fun color, to make practicing more exciting!

    Students will also need supplies based on what instrument they select. See the Registration Packet or the teacher for specifics.

Instrument Videos



Alto Saxophone


French Horn





Snare Drum/Percussion

Last Modified on August 28, 2023