Student Identification/Paid Sporting Events


    High School football season is always an exciting time of year in CDSD.  From the student-athletes on the field of play, to the cheerleaders and the marching band, our football games are community events that fill us with pride and school spirit. 

    We are thankful for the passion that our CDSD families and fans bring to support our students. 

    In order to continue to protect the health and safety of our students and our community, we will be continuing the rules implemented for attendance at all paid home sporting events. 

    Additionally, we are going to enhance the security at the sporting events to better ensure everyone’s safety

    In order to attend home football games at Landis Field, attendees must:

    1. Be 18 years of age or over;
    2. Be a high school student (grades 9-12), who has a student ID or Sports Pass (last year’s ID is acceptable until new ID’s are issued) from CD High School, East High School, or Dauphin County Technical School.  A Parent/guardian is not required to accompany a high school student;

    3) Be a CDSD student/child less than 18 years of age who is accompanied by a parent or guardian who remains at the sporting event;

    4) Be a Charter School Student who lives in the CDSD with a school ID showing proof of attendance at the Charter School.

    5) Be a school student of the visiting/away team, who has a student ticket, or school ID, issued by the visiting/away team prior to the game. 

    6) Other than schools listed above, there will be no admittance of students from schools not participating in the contest.

    Thank you for your continued support of our student-athletes, band members and everyone else who works hard to create a positive and fun atmosphere at our football games. 

    We look forward to seeing you at Landis Field soon!