Inclement Weather Flexible Instruction Information

  • ATTENTION: The Central Dauphin School District is in the process of re-applying for the FID program. The program approval is good for 3 years. 

    With the return to a more normal school setting for the 2022-2023 school year, the Central Dauphin School District will be taking advantage of our Flexible Instructional Day program as outlined by the Pennsylvania Department of Education for inclement weather days. Please note that the district can only use up to five FID days for the 2022-2023 school year. Also, please note that not every inclement weather day may be used as a remote day. In other words, we may still cancel school days during inclement weather and we would need to make those days up on the school calendar, as we did prior to COVID. 

    Important Note: Inclement weather days will run on a different schedule from health emergency closures. While inclement weather days have shortened schedules, building or district health emergency closures due to Covid or other illnesses will follow different schedules that will be provided by the building principals.

    Student participation is required for a successful inclement weather remote day. By continuing education during these weather emergencies, it will allow us to preserve our vacation days as scheduled while keeping instruction moving forward. Please pay close attention to announcements during inclement weather for instructions on how the day will be conducted. 

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