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Mrs. Ecklund

Hi Kindergarten Friends and Families!

I am so excited about being your kindergarten teacher this year!   Did you know that I never went to kindergarten?  I think that is why I love teaching kindergarten so much!  There are other things I love too!

I love my family!  I have been married to my husband, Rick, for 37 years!  That is a long time. Rick and I have 2 sons.  Connor is 32 and is married to Katlyn.  They have a dog named Arya. They are going to have a baby in March 2023.  That means I am going to be a grandmother!  My other son, Kevin, is 28 and is married to Lexi. They are both teachers. We all went to the mountains this summer for a vacation.  We had fun riding our bikes, kayaking, and swimming.  I love my red bike.  I have had it for 33 years!  


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Here are some other things about me:

* My favorite meal is spaghetti.

*My favorite drink is hot tea or water.

*I love to read.  This summer I read 15 books.

*I love to do jigsaw puzzles.

*My favorite color is red.

*I love to teach!







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