• The CDHS Book Club is a community for anyone that enjoys reading and discussing books that they don't encounter in school. Club members will choose a book to read each month, and each meeting will encompass discussing that book, its characters, and its influence. Particular books that have films made might necessitate a watch party (if appropriate for school) to compare.  Discussions will be student-led and focus on student analysis, rather than teacher lecturing. 

    The Club will focus initially on canonical texts that the school has moved away from (but has in supply) and will look to raise money through Bake Sales, etc. to help get copies of future texts. Members will be free to purchase their own copies, if desired, or utilize options like Audible audiobooks and Google Books.

    Meetings will take monthly in Room 266.

    Advisor: Mr. Kevin McNeill at kmcneill@cdschools.org