• Mission Statement

    Central Dauphin, a uniquely diverse school district, ensures all students a challenging and dynamic curriculum that prepares them to succeed in a changing, global society by inspiring lifelong learning in a caring, collaborative community.


    Belief Statements

    The Central Dauphin School District believes . . .

    • Students are our most precious resource.

    • All students regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or religion, deserve a quality education.

    • All children can learn.

    • Learning should be an enjoyable experience.

    • All students must be given the opportunity to reach their potential.

    • All students must be active participants in their education.

    • All students must be respected and valued.

    • Healthy school communities respect differences, welcome diversity and promote cultural plurality.

    • Good citizenship requires responsibility, self-discipline and appropriate decision making.

    • Open and continual communication is essential and must be encouraged.

    • Personal and professional growth of all staff within our school district is important.

    • Outstanding staff demonstrate enthusiasm, innovation, caring and commitment.

    • A successful school experience requires the involvement of students, parents, caregivers, educators and the community.

    • A safe, orderly and clean environment is essential for teaching and learning.

    • The district has the responsibility to strive for excellence in academics, activities and athletics.

    • The district is responsible for providing excellence in education within the fiscal resources of the community.

    • Excellence in education requires a commitment to continuous improvement.