• WELCOME to Room 148!


    Email anytime with questions or concerns. I will usually check in the morning before school begins and after school ends. 

    Students can follow the directions below to email through canvas or go to their Gmail account.


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    Course Information 2023-2024


    Course Information:

    Our ELA block which is 69 minutes long is broken into 3 chunks every day. 

    1. Word Work / Vocabulary (Do Now, Word of the Day, or/ and Vocab Surge)

    2. Direct teacher instruction 

    3. Independent practice from lesson, reading, and writing

    Each student is provided with necessary materials here at school.  **Students are responsible for bringing a book to read, their class materials, their computer, and a pencil EVERYDAY!

    Students are expected to complete 30 minutes of Learning Path time on Edmentum weekly and pass 1 lesson in Study Island.  Students are provided an hour of Academic Enrichment daily and 20 minutes of that time is set aside specifically for these tasks. If they do not have a computer they may get a pass to go to the library or borrow their home room teacher's computers. 



    Students are responsible for completing work when they are absent. They have a 3 day grace period to hand in work.

    There is a file folder in the student resource area that contains papers handed out. Students can access our daily agenda to see what was missed on their ELA canvas page.  If they need help or have any questions, they may come to my classroom during Academic Enrichment (period 8).


    Grading Policy:

    Grades can be checked on HAC

    Tests and Projects are worth 40% of your grade. Classwork is worth 30% and Quizzes are worth 30%.

    You have 3 days to turn in work after the due date with out any penalty. Every week after that your grade decreases by 10%.

    If your assignment is reviewed in class together you may not turn it in late for a grade, (you already received the answers.)

    I will not except late work the last week of the semester. 



    District Grading 

    1.  The Central Dauphin schools use a 100-point system of evaluation with 60 as the lowest passing grade.

    2.  Numerical grades may be equated to performance level in accordance with the following criteria:

    a.  90-100/SUPERIOR – Awarded for exceptional achievement to those pupils who: (1)  Display a high degree of originality in the application of what has been achieved and who have a thorough mastery of essentials. (2)  Produce distinguished, outstanding work characterized by accuracy, neatness, prompt  ness, organization and undertaking. (3)  Accept responsibility, are attentive, and make the best use of their time. (4)  Are regular and systematic in the preparation of assignments. (5)  Are able to work without supervision in the preparation of assignments.

    b.  80-89/ABOVE AVERAGE – Awarded to pupils who have: (1) A mastery of essentials. (2)  Initiative and originality in the application of principles and skills. (3)  Carefully and regularly prepared  assignments. (4)  Excellent record of class participation.

    c.  70-79/AVERAGE – Awarded to pupils who: (1) Have required work completed on time. (2) Show honest effort. (3) Are able to grasp main ideas. (4) Apply skills and basic knowledge. (5) Can follow direction and leadership. (6) Make steady progress.

    d.  60-69/BELOW AVERAGE – Awarded to pupils who: (1) Make only minimum preparation. (2)  Are ineffective in the mastery and application of basic skills. (3)  Are poor in organization of work and the use of time, even under the direction of teachers. (4) Make erratic and very slow progress. (5)  Follow directions poorly.

    e.  0-59/FAILURE – Awarded to pupils who: (1) Have little understanding of basic ideas. (2) Show little or no progress. (3) Fail to follow instructions. (4) Fail to prepare required work. (5)  Are unwilling to cooperate and to accept responsibility. (6) Fail to participate in class discussions. (7) Waste time. (8) Have poor work habits.


Last Modified on September 25, 2023