• PBIS at Home

    At Lawnton we practice Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) through the use of 4 Schoolwide Rules. They are Be Respectful, Be Safe, Be Responsible, and Be Prepared. We review what behaviors look like to ensure that we are following those schoolwide rules. When a teacher or staff see these expected behaviors in action, the students earn a reinforcer, whether it be a ticket to be used in our school store, a special treat, an invitation to a school-wide reward/celebration, a simple thank you, or special recognition at an assembly or over the announcements. 

    This is also something that you can do at home! Working as a family, develop 3-5 expectations, or things that you think everyone in the family SHOULD do. (Yes parents, that includes you!) Then phrase them in a positive way. Think about what you expect and want to see. For example, instead of "Don't interrupt", we could say "Be Respectful by listening to whoever is speaking at the moment." Then, if a family member is speaking and no one interrupts, you could reinforce that behavior through verbal praise (ex: "good job listening to your sister" or "thank you for being respectful during that story"), earning a tangible item to turn in for a reward (ex: sticker on a chart or a dry noodle that is kept in a cup/jar and turned in for a specific reward), or giving a high five or hug. Reinforcers don't have to be a thing, it could be extra time for video games, a special family activity, or a special snack. You could even choose specific times when you earn extra rewards, such as during bedtime, or other transitions which can be challenging to do as a family.

    Share with the family what each behavior will look like so everyone knows what behaviors to look out for. You can make it like a game, where everyone is a behavior detective, looking for clues that show everyone is following the family's expected rules. Make it fun, exciting, and enjoyable.

    If you would like some more assistance and ideas, here are some great resources you can use!

    PBIS at Home

    PBIS Family Plan

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