• What is a school counselor?

    Have you ever wondered why Lawnton, or any school, has a school counselor? What do they do? Why are they needed? Below is an overview of what I do as a school counselor, as well as a highlight on what I have done during the school year so far!

    1. School Counselors provide knowledge, guidance, and resources on topics like college and career readiness, social and emotional health and well-being, and offer crisis response and/or prevention.
    2. School Counselors provide individual and small-group counseling on short-term basis, as well as whole group classroom lessons.
    3. School Counselors provide student appraisal and assessment, meaning they help students overcome challenges, create and manage 504 plans for students with needed accommodations, and teach skills to improve study skills and organization.
    4. School Counselors provide advocacy for students, staff, and parents, although student advocacy is at the top of the list for students to ensure students have equal opportunity to succeed and thrive in the school environment.
    5. School Counselors hold leadership roles within the school and serve as a liaison between parents, students, and staff, as well as district-wide administrators.

    On top of all of that, School Counselors also help resolve minor conflicts between students, students and staff, and within the school as a whole, as well as focus on student attendance to help all students meet their educational and personal goals. I also spend a lot of my time creating, running, and participating in different teams which best help assist our students and families in any ways that are needed. I work with many different team members to best advocate and meet the needs of students.

    You can rest assured that I am always an email, phone call, or meeting away from being able to help you and your student(s). And if I cannot directly assist, I can help you find the people or team that can.

    I also rely heavily on the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) model to build up my school counseling program, which focuses on assessing, delivering, defining, and managing the school counseling program and processes, as well as myself as a professional school counselor.

    For more information, feel free to visit the links below to learn more about my role as a school counselor!

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Mrs. Wagner's Trimester 1 Data to show how much time was spent working with and for student needs