Mrs. M. Burns


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              Welcome!    This is a transitional course for students who need a more thorough algebraic foundation and who will be required to take mathematics in college.  This course will cover the following topics; Exponents, Radicals, Quadratics, Rational expressions and equations, Sequences, Series, Systems of equations, Exponential expressions and equations, Logarithmic expressions and equations, Graphs and their transformations, Probability, and Advanced Geometry.

    I know that each of you comes into math class with different experiences, knowledge, and attitudes towards math.  I will do my best to cater to each of these individual needs.  In return I expect each of you to work your hardest to achieve at a level both you and I will be proud of.  I have high expectations of all of you, and I hope that you will reach or even exceed these expectations this year.


    Five Tips for Success:

    1.Ask questions in class or come in for extra help.  It seems obvious if you don’t know how to do something that you should ask a question.  Most likely by asking a question in class you are asking a question other people also have.  Too scared or embarrassed to ask?  Ask me before or after class!

    Math help schedules are available separately.

    2.Do your homework.  How often have you heard this one?  The thing is, by doing your homework; you are practicing for the quizzes and tests.  You wouldn’t be allowed to start in the basketball game if you hadn’t gone to practice as well as learned all the plays.  Do the homework so you’re ready for the quizzes and tests! 

    3.Show your work…. and then check it!!!  When you show your work, you are proving that you know how you got your answer!  Without the work, it looks like you just guessed at the answer.  You will receive partial credit for parts that are correct!  If you studied and you know how to do the work, don’t you want to show it off? 

    4.Use your resources!  The school provides plenty of resources for you to use: The Homework hotline, my website, and math help are all readily available for you to use—so use them!  I may also be available by appointment – talk to me!

    5.Don’t give up!  Even if you hate math or you don’t think you can’t…you can get.  I can help you if you help yourself there is plenty that we can do if you ask and show initiative, but do not wait until it is too late!!


    Supply List

    • Pencils, pencils, and more pencils (we do not use pen to do math!!!)
    • Erasers (mistakes are what help us learn)
    • Calculator - you must purchase a TI-83 graphing calculator.  *may be provided
    • Folder(s) *may be provided
    • Notebook - you may want a separate notebook for homework and notes. *may be provided
    • Positive attitude – only you can make the choice to succeed!



    Grading Policy




    50% - Tests are 100 points.  Tests are given at the end of each unit and often will be

    based upon the material in each unit.  This may also be in the form of a close reading activity and/or performance task (a large project completed by students on the topics in the unit)


    25% - Quizzes are 100 points.  They will be approximately 30 points but your average

    will go into the grading system.  This may also be in the form of a performance task (a large project completed by students on the topics in the unit)

    ** There are no retakes for quizzes, tests. performance tasks will lose 10% for each day it is turned in late.




    Homework is 5 points.  It will be assigned regularly and (may not be daily) checked for

                completion at the beginning of class the next day.  If homework is not completed by

    the following day, it will not be accepted late.  You will receive full or partial credit (3 points is more that half of the assignment is complete).  You must show work in order to receive credit!


    Participation is 50 points.  Each quarter, you will have the opportunity to gain stickers. 

    You need 50 to have a 100% in participation and anything over 50 will cover missing classwork points.


    Calendars are 20 points.  Each day you will be asked to do a warm up problem when you

                enter class.  You will be given a calendar to record this problem and after 4 weeks

                it will be collected for points.  Important information and work is required in

            each box in order to receive credit.




    Cell phones are 50 points -  are not to be used as calculators and therefore do not have a place in the math classroom.  You will be awarded 50 points to start and points will be taken daily up to 5 points for using them in class.  Parent contact will also be made as points are lost.


    Tardy is 46 points – You now have 5 minutes to pass from class to class.  If you walk into class after 5 minutes you must have a pass from a teacher or administrator or a point will be taken from the 46 you are awarded.


    CANVAS – This is where I will post notes, homework and certain assignments.  Make sure that you log in and it is working.  Parents may make their own log in through canvas under Parent of a Canvas user.  Your student can give you a Pairing Code to enter the class on your own.  There are directions for getting this in the log in page when you click on WHAT IS THIS above the pairing code.  The student will need to get this for you from there account.


     Good Luck And I Look Forward To This School Year!