• Community Based Non – Paid Training Sites

    As students enter high school, they are placed into the non-paid training program.  This initial placement assists students in acquiring the skills necessary to obtain employment.  In the 9th grade, students participate at a non-paid training site a maximum of one day per week. 

    As students move up through the grades, they continue to work at the non-paid training sites a maximum of two days per week until they have mastered the skills necessary to move on to a paid in-district training site.

    Non-paid training sites are located in the surrounding area.  The student to staff ratio at these work sites is no more than five students to one staff person.

    For a list of current non-paid training sites, please review the page on this website titled "about our program" or refer to the fact sheets provided on this website. 

    Paid In-District Training Sites

    Students who have mastered the necessary skills in the non-paid training program have the option of moving on to a paid training position working at a school or building within the District. 

    It is important to note that students must have their working permit if they are under the age of 18 to work in an in-district position.  Students working in this program must also obtain board approval and submit a state police clearance check, child abuse check, and FBI check.  The FBI clearance requires that the student have a state non-driver's ID.  In order to get a state ID, students will need his/her original birth certificate and social security card.  Other items are required as well. 

    For more inromation on getting a state ID, please visit https://www.dmv.org/pa-pennsylvania/id-cards.php by copying and pasting this address into your browser. 

    For more information on obtaining clearances, please visit https://www.cdschools.org/Page/11692 by copying and pasting this address into your browser.

    Students in this training program are paid a wage of $7.25 per hour.   Areas of training include cafeteria services, transportation, custodial services, clerical services, library services, and classroom aide services.