• Post School Employment Options

    For individuals who have mastered in-district employment, the next logical step for these individuals is to obtain competitive employment.  Ideally, this will be a job that the individual is interested in that is located within their community.  Competitive employment is typically obtained during the second half of the student’s senior year.

    If competitive employment is the level of employment which is most appropriate for your child, but they are unable to obtain a job through traditional means, customized employment is another possible option. This programming is currently being piloted through OVR and is available only to those individuals who have been selected to participate in that program.  It may also be available to students after they have graduated and is a cost service. CMU may be able to assist with these costs.

    Finally, if work is not an option for an individual, community participation supports programs (formally known as adult day programs) are available through United Cerebral Palsy (UCP), as well as other smaller independent centers.