• Counselor Office
    Secretary - Mrs. Brooker
      Phone number:  545-4709 ext. 346
    At this time if you are in need of either Mrs. Challenger or Mrs. Boop...please contact us via email and we will respond.
    Mrs. Challenger
    Caseload = 6th grade students and 8th grade Purple team
                       Phone number:  545-4709 ext. 344
    E-mail address:  tchallenger@cdschools.org 

    Office Hours 10:00-11:00am  (I will email you right back during these hours)                                            

    Mrs. Kerr-Boop
    Caseload = 7th grade students and 8th grade Blue team 
                       Phone number:  545-4709 ext. 345
    E-mail address:  tboop@cdschools.org    

    Office Hours 8:30-9:30am (I will email you right back during these hours)