We need YOU to join PTSO!!!! 
    Classroom with the most members by September 25th---
    gets a pizza party :)
    Here are the top 5 reasons...
    1. Better education and professional morale 
    • When teachers see parent involvement in action, they feel as if they have an assistant at home. That kind of participation is encouraging no matter what grade level is being taught.

    2. PTSO Members Get the Inside Track on New Developments

    • They’ll meet with teachers and administrators, and they’ll learn of important developments before the broader community hears about them. This gives them more time to prepare their student or to consider pursuing new opportunities in the district that might benefit their child’s achievement and learning.

    3.  PTSO Involvement Improves Classroom Behavior

    • Either way, students with involved parents tend to have fewer behavior problems, higher homework completion rates, and less of a reputation for disrupting the learning process. 

    4.  Socializing With Other Parents is a Real Benefit

    • Every parent has probably had a moment of active parenting when they wonder, “Is it just me?” The same can be said of homework assignments that seem impossible for both parents and students, or teachers that parents don’t seem to understand. At the PTSO meetings, you can share your concerns or have a reassuring answer to share.

    5.  More Needs, Fewer Resources, But Plenty of Parents

    • The best part of PTO participation is that these services can be split among many parents who have the skills, resources, or available time to help. Better yet, participating in such activities only serves to enrich the educational experiences that children gain in the classroom. Every parent wants the best for their child in the classroom, and PTO involvement can help parents make noticeable, long-term improvements on behalf of their child and many others.