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    2019-2020 Units of Study
    Unit 1 - Characteristics of Civilization
    Unit 2 - Greek Government 
    Unit 3 - Greek Culture
    Unit 4 - Roman Government
    Unit 5 - Roman Culture
     Unit 6 - Rise and Fall of Feudal Europe
    Unit 7 - Late Middle Ages
    Unit 8 - Renaissance
    Unit 9 - Reformantion 
    Materials Needed for Class
    Textbook (stays in classroom)
    Folder for Social Studies
    All Worksheets and Materials for the Current Unit
    All worksheets and materials for each chapter will be color-coded.  Each chapter will be assigned a color.

    Textbook Online
    An online version of the textbook is no longer available.
    Contact Information
    email address - ssheehan@cdschools.org
    phone - 939-9363 ext. 76151


      Animated Book