• School Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

    Starting at 8:45 am you may drop off your child in front of the main entrance of the school at the lobby area.   Reminder, all students need to be seated in their classrooms by the 9:00 am bell or they will be marked tardy.  The front doors will be closed and locked at 8:55 am.  You will need to press the white button and wait for someone in the office to admit you into the building.  

    • Form a single line of cars next to the sidewalk for drop-off. Do not double park to drop off your child, as it is very dangerous to allow children to walk between cars.  Please pull up as far as you can along the curb.
    • Do not park your car in the drop-off area, even for a few minutes. This backs up the drop-off line.  If you need to come in the building, park in the nearby spaces.

    Afternoon Car Pick-Up

    Students who are car riders will begin being dismissed at 3:45.  At dismissal time, staff members record the car rider number and cross reference the list of students.  Children (who are seated in the lobby) are dismissed to the pick-up area when their car pulls forward.

    • Only cars with official Chambers Hill car pick-up cards will be allowed to pick up children.

    If you do not have your assigned pick-up number on the school issued card you will be asked to park your vehicle in a parking space, wait until the car rider line is finished, then sign-in in the office to pick up your child with photo ID.

    • Make sure your child knows their car pick-up number and listens carefully in order to be in the right spot when you arrive. Numbers change annually. It is imperative that the official Chambers Hill car pick-up card is used.
    • For students who are not daily car riders, a note MUST be sent in that morning notifying the teacher that your child(ren) will be a car rider that day.
    • If your child is not available when you arrive at the car pick-up area you may be asked to park in a nearby space. This helps prevent excessive delays while teachers relocate children to the right place.

    Please watch for staff direction to form the pick-up line.  

    While waiting in line:

    • Please remain in your vehicle as you will need to move up frequently.
    • Please pull up as far as you can along the curb and close to the car in front of you.

    It is highly encouraged that all early dismissals are scheduled prior to 3:15.  During car pick-up, the side parking lot spaces will be unavailable.  If you have parked in one of these spaces you may be blocked in after 3:30.  

     Transportation Map