• School Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures


    Many students are transported by vehicle to and from school each day.  Drivers are asked to follow the practice of remaining inside the vehicle in the morning when students are being discharged.  By pulling the vehicle all the way forward in the drop off lane, more vehicles can unload passengers simultaneously, which eliminates a line forming on Chambers Hill Road.  Do not pull around vehicles dropping off students in front of you.  This situation begs for an accident.  If you must get out of your vehicle, you should park in a designated space and escort your child to the school entrance.  Ask your child to gather belongings and be prepared to exit the vehicle immediately upon stopping at the curb.  All students should exit from the curb side or in front of your own stopped vehicle.
    Students are permitted in the building starting at 8:45.  Prior to that time, students must wait outside the main lobby.
    • Students picked up during or at the end of the school day must have the authorized adult enter the school for dismissal purposes.
    • All vehicles must be parked in a parking space for this purpose.    
    • NO VEHICLES ARE PERMITTED TO TRAVEL THROUGH THE BUS TOP AREA during drop off and dismissal times.