Central Dauphin High School
    College Rep Visits
    Interested in meeting a specific college and university admissions representative right here at Central Dauphin High School? A complete list of college representatives planning on visiting CDHS, an the dates and times, are listed on the bottom of Mainpage once you log into Naviance.  Please take advantage of the visits that we have set up for you in the Guidance Conference Room. 
    College Reps wishing to schedule a visit may  sign up free to do so through Navinance Rep Visits @ https://counselorcommunity.com/ .
    If you are a student and wish to attend a College Rep Visit Session, you must be a junior or a senior (or a sophomore with a study hall or lunch that period) and you must sign up in the guidance office. A folder is located in the College and Career Center. Once you sign up for a specific college, you will need to get a pass from Mrs. Bertovic to attend. On the day of the visit, take your pass to the teacher you would have that period and then come to Guidance to meet with the college rep.  Please be prompt.
    *These visits are subject to change. Please check the daily announcements for up to date information.
    ***For students missing school for a visit to a college, please submit the College Visit Form to the attendance office in advance.  You are able to have three excused days/year to visit colleges during both you junior and senior years.