• 2nd Grade Learning Units
    Language Arts

    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Journeys Series

    (Common Core Edition)


    Four Units


    *Within each unit, comprehension, reading skills and strategies, vocabulary, spelling, grammar, and writing are incorporated.  Additional resources are used to enhance the Language Arts program including 4-Square Writing, Handwriting Without Tears, Heggerty, Edmentum and the following Project Read materials: (Framing Your Thoughts, Story Form, Written Expression and Phonology).
    Go Math! Program
    11 Chapters:
    Number Concepts
    Numbers to 1,000
    Basic Facts and Relationships
    2-Digit Addition
    2-Digit Subtraction
    3-Digit Addition and Subtraction
    Money and Time
    Length in Customary Units
    Length in Metric Units
    Geometry and Fraction Concepts
    Social Studies
    Four Units:
    Unit 1- Government
    Unit 2- Economics
    Unit 3- Geography
    Unit 4- History
    Three Units:
    Water and Weather
    Energy and Motion
    Animals and Insects
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