Mrs. Elizabeth Ludwig, M.Ed.

     School Counselor
    Class of 2023
     Contact information:
    437 Piketown Road
    Harrisburg, PA 17112
    Phone: 717-703-5360  x319
    Hello Sophomore class! I hope everyone is well. Please remember that you may reach out to me at any time and I will happily aid you. Your educational experiences is what YOU make it! Stay positive AND  interactive during this time!!! Also, please don't forget to explore Naviance. Start your resume and start building such whenever possible. Don't be afraid to safely volunteer to aid those in need, then document such on your resume! 
    Thank you. Be safe and be well :)  
    • Sophomores:
      • Meet with your counselor to discuss your courses, interests, and future plans.
      • If applicable, review the NCAA core course requirements/eligibility criteria and complete the online registration process at www.eligibilitycenter.org.
      • Consider what is important to you and set goals for success.
      • Continue exploring career options, the College and Career Center is a great place to explore!
      • Stay involved in extra-curricular activities.
      • Register for the PSAT's. 
      • Become familiar with the college entrance requirements.
      • Pursue enrichment programs.
      • Continue building your resume and develop such in Naviance.
      • Read! Read! Read! 
      • Complete career exploration activities in Naviance (i.e. Career Interest, Cluster Finder, Roadtrip Nation). 

    Helpful hints when using Naviance: 

    1. How to log onto Naviance:

        Click on the Naviance website @ http://connection.naviance.com/centraldshs 

    Username: Full School Email Address

    Login: Password used to log onto school computer



    Above information provided by PHEAA through educationplanner.org