• Linglestown Middle School
    Student Assistance Program


    1. What is the Student Assistance Program?

    The role of SAP is to intervene with students who are experiencing barriers to their learning.

    2. What are some barriers to student learning?

    Barriers to learning may include:

    -drug and alcohol abuse

    -mental health issues

    -social and emotional concerns

    3. Who should you refer to SAP?

    You should refer any student that shows signs of emotional and social concerns often in addition to poor academic success.

    4. What is the academic team's role in the SAP process?

    Before making a SAP referral, it is suggessted that the academic team of teachers :

    • Contact the student's parent by phone to discuss the concerns regarding concerns.
    • Meet with the student as a team.
    • Meet with the parent of the student in question, addressing concerns at that time.
    • Meet with both student and parent regarding the student's barriers to learning.
    • Set up a meeting for the counselor to talk with the student.

    5. What happens when a referral does not receive parent and student permission to participate?

    When a referral is made, but permission is not received from the parent(s) and the student, the student remains on a monitor status. Treatment services cannot take place without the consent of the student and parent.

                                                          SAP Members

    Mr. Ron Porter, LMS Principal
    Mrs. Meredith Siget, School Counselor (A-K)
    Mrs. Kathy Geissler, School Counselor (L-Z)
    Mr. Chris Hetrick, Teacher                                                     
    Mrs. Andrea Oliver, Teacher
    Mrs. Beth Kurtz, Teacher
    Mrs. Amy Matte, Teacher
    Ms. Molly Sullivan, District Social Worker
    Mrs. Kris Palmer, Behavioral Specialist
    Mrs. Linda Topp, Guidance & SAP Secretary                  
    Mrs. Carolyn Huttell, School Nurse