• Tips to Help Your Student Succeed


    1.  Plan a scheduled time for homework completion. 
    2.  Provide a well-lit study area that is free from distraction. 

    3.  Provide your student with any materials needed to study. 

    4.  Encourage the use of the LMS agenda book to record daily homework and daily assignments.  

    5.  Review your child's homework with them for understanding and completion. 

    6.  Review study material with your student in preparation for quizzes and exams. 

    7.  Contact your student’s counselor or team of teachers to arrange a parent/teacher conference if  necessary.  

    8.  Have your student work with their designated teacher in any subject your student may be struggling in.  

    9. Provide positive feedback when a job is well done.10. Work with your child to develop short and long-term goals for a successful school year.


    Warning Signs of Trouble

    It is easy to confuse signs of trouble with the usual teenager turmoil. When real problems occur, behaviors listed below usually come in clusters.


    • Changes in sleep patterns: excessive fatigue, early morning awakening, inability to sleep, excessive sleeping
    • Personality changes: abrupt mood swings, excessive blow-ups triggered by small things, apathy, boredom, irritability, preoccupation with a single thought.
    • Withdrawal from the family: Growing isolation, increased violation of house rules, avoidance of family gatherings even at meals.
    • School problems: failing grades, truancy, cutting classes, fights and disciplinary problems.
    • Withdrawal from friends: fall outs with friends, hostility toward former friends, new (older) friends, reluctance to introduce parents to new friends.
    • Difficulty coping with family transitions: prolonged reaction to loss or stress from death, divorce, illness, loss of job, a move to another city.