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    Robotics & 3D Modeling


    How does industry develop and test new products? How do we use computers to control machines and other devices? This class is developed for students planning to enter a technical or engineering career or those that just like computers and have an interest in "how do they do it?". Topics covered include a brief history of automation, careers in automation, portfolio development, 3D computer modeling, computer simulation, computer controlled manufacturing, robotics and presentations.

    Juniors and Seniors only. No Prerequisite.

    Grading Policy/Evaluation:

    Students will be graded on equal parts of tests/quizzes, projects and computer applications. Because most of our work must be accomplished in the classroom, daily attendance and participation is extremely important. Daily participation grades will count for 25% of the marking period grade.


    Robotics & 3D Modeling

    Course Outline
    (students and parents should visit the class Canvas for specific details)

     Course Orientation

    ·         Definitions and Uses

    ·         History and Evolution


                               Careers in Design and Automation

    ·         Careers related to Design and Automation

    ·         Resumes and Portfolios


                               Portfolio Process and Project Planning

    ·         The Portfolio Process

    ·         Project Planning


                               Three-Dimensional Computer Modeling

    ·         Part Modeling

    ·         Assemblies

    ·         Drawings


                               Computer Simulation

    ·         Finite Element Analysis

    ·         Motion Simulation

    ·         Animation



    ·         Computer-aided Manufacturing (CAM)

    ·          Robotics and Control


                               Independent Projects

    ·         Project Planning and Documentation

    ·         Project Development


                               Technical Presentations

    ·         Documentation Preparation and Presentations