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    Game Design & 3D Animation

    Class Description


    As we enter the 21st century, the use of the computer as a tool for precise computer applications will continue to evolve. Computer Animation (also known as Computer-Generated Imagery or CGI) utilizes 3D and 2D computer graphics in a variety of applications including films, advertisements and computer games. This course will examine the basics of 2D and 3D scene development, key frame animation, real-time animation, computer game logic and multimedia portfolios. Computer Animation is specifically related to computer arts, graphic design, technical and architectural design, historical re-creation, computer game development, multimedia presentations, animated films and commercial advertising.

    Class Outline
    (students and parents should visit the class Canvas for specific details)

    Course Orientation Power Point Here

    • Definitions and Uses
    • History and Evolution
    • Programs and Options

    Careers in Animation Power Point Here

    • Careers related to Animation
    • Resumes and Portfolios

    Portfolio Process and Project Planning Power Point Here

    • The Portfolio Process
    • Project Planning

    Two-Dimensional Animation Power Point Here

    • Key-Frame Animation Techniques
    • Pivot Animation
    • Flash Animation

    Three-Dimensional Animation Power Point Here

    ·         3D Modeling and Texturing

    ·         Animation Techniques and Considerations

    ·         Character Animation

    Real-Time 3D Animation  Power Point Here

    ·         3D Physics (particles, fabric, water, forces)

    ·         Real-Time in Animated Clips

    2D & 3D Game Logic  Power Point Here

    ·         Game Design Concepts

    ·         2D Game Development

    ·         3D Game Development

    Independent Projects 

    ·         Project Planning and Documentation

    ·         Project Development

    Technical Presentations 

    ·         Documentation Preparation

    ·         Final Presentation