• National Junior Honor Society

    The purpose of this society shall be to create an enthusiasm for superior scholarship; to develop loyal pupil citizenship; to stimulate a desire to serve faithfully one's school, community and country; to promote trustworthy leadership; and to instill exemplary qualities of character in the pupils of seventh and eighth grades.  Membership shall be based upon scholarship, school citizenship, serviced, leadership and character.

    To be eligible for membership in junior high school, the pupil must have attended at least one (1) semester in the Central Dauphin School District schools.  All pupils in the seventh and eighth grades who have a scholarship average of 89 or better shall be eligible candidates.  Their further eligibility shall then be considered on their school citizenship, service, leadership and character.  Nomination of members in this society shall be by a teachers' council which includes principals and guidance counselors.  After induction into the organization, members are expected to maintain the minimum standards to continue affiliation in the National Honor Society.