• Student Council

    Middle School - The purpose f the student council is to work toward the betterment of the school by improving cooperation between pupils, faculty and the principal.  The council makes suggestions to the principal on ways to improve the school.  They are also in charge of certain all-school activities such as dances, parties, hall patrol, etc.  All decisions of the council are subject to the final approval of the principal.

    High School - The main purpose of the organization are as follows:

    a.  To serve as liaison agency between the pupil and the administration.

    b.  To receive suggestions from pupils for changes within the school.

    c.  To promote an opportunity for participation in democratic processes.

    d.  To share with the administration the responsibility of handling assemblies.

    e.  To organize and promote the homecoming activities.

    f.  To assist in organizing clubs, dances, concerts and other social activities during the school year.