Most computers are designed with the adult in mind.  Children can be prone to neck and back aches, numb or tingling hands, or stooped posture from working in awkward positions.  Measures can be taken to avoid long-term repetitive strain injuries.


    - Feet should never dangle unsupported, but rest on the floor or a support such as stacked books.

    - Knees should be even with or higher than the hips.

    - The top of the monitor should be even with the child’s   forehead to avoid neck extention.

    - Forearms should be parallel to the keyboard, or slightly above it.

    - The monitor should be 18-30” away from the user. 

    Take a Break!  Children need a 2 minute break at least every 30 minutes, ideally getting up and stretching.




Last Modified on July 17, 2018