Don’t Fall Victim to Hay Fever 

    Hayfever, caused by pollens or mold, peaks in late summer and early fall.  Sneezing, an itchy, runny nose, and congestion can lead to sleep loss, fatigue and decreases productivity.  You can help limit it’s affect on the ability to function by limiting exposure and treating the symptoms. 

     - Avoid outdoor activities in the morning, when pollen counts are the highest, and also on   dry, hot, windy days.

    -   Shower and change clothes after being outdoors since pollen can stick to clothing, skin, and hair.  If not possible, at least wash hands after coming indoors.

    -  Use an air conditioner, not a fan, to cool the air.

    -  Be aware that pets can bring pollen into your home.

    -  Talk with your doctor about a treatment plan – many new medications are available to help decrease symptoms.


Last Modified on July 17, 2018