Children and adults don’t wash their hands as often or as well as they think they do.Washing your hands frequently during the day will help to keep those germs away and keep you healthier. 

    During the day we pick up lots of germs on our hands, then touch our nose, mouth or eyes.  This is one of the most common ways to catch a cold or spread germs to others.

    Wash your hands often.  You should wash them:                        

    ·        Before, during, and after you prepare food

    ·        Before you eat

    ·        After you use the bathroom

    ·        After touching an animal

    ·        When your hands are dirty

    ·        More frequently when someone in your house is sick

    ·        After sneezing, coughing, or blowing your nose 

    The best way to wash your hands is: 

    ·        Wet your hands and apply liquid or bar soap

    ·        Rub your hands (front, back and between fingers) –continue

    for about 15 seconds (sing one chorus of “Happy Birthday”)

    Make Bubbles!

    ·        Rinse and dry well with a clean towel


    Remember to wash your hands and Forget about getting sick!




Last Modified on July 17, 2018