•                                                                          Mr. Irving
                                                                       Physical Education
                                                                   Linglestown Elementary
    rirving@cdschools.org                                                    Phone  657-3211 Ext.   (79130)
    P                   Participate 
    E                   Everyone has fun
    R                   Remember your sneakers and to take your earrings out.
    U                   Utilize your abilities
    L                   Learn to include others in all games and activities
    E                   Eyes and Ears open for instruction
    S                   Stay in your own space        
            Brief description of activities and skills your child will develop in Physical Education:
         First grade students will begin their experience in Physical Education learning how Personal space differs from General space.  Students will become aware how to travel through General space by tuning into their 5 senses.  They will also learn how to remain in their own personal space without interfering with others.  Students will be introduced into basic movement skills such as throwing and catching, kicking, dribbling and utilizing long handled implements such as a foam hockey stick and a badminton racket.  Basic Locomotor skills such as skipping, galloping, jumping and hopping will also be practice frequently. 
         Second graders will continue to reinforce and enrich the skills they learned in First grade.  The activities will be at a higher skill level so as to challenge and reinforce all students.   More locomotor skills will  be introduced as well as tumbling skills.
         Third, Fourth and Fifth grades will begin to take the basic skills they learned in their previous years and implement them into lead up games.  Lead up games are segments of various sports that require less rules and structure.  Beginning in 4th grade, a series of fitness tests will be introduced  to measure the 4 components of fitness.  These areas include Flexibility (Back saver Sit and Reach), cardiovascular endurance(The Mile Run), Muscular endurance(Curl Ups 1 minute time frame), and Muscular strength (Flexed arm hang).  
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