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    Welcome Back!
    Welcome to third grade!  We're glad to have you here.  You are going to learn so many exciting things and meet many friends. 
    Some things to think about for the first few days of school:
    Please make sure your child knows his/her bus number and stop for the way home so that we can make sure our records are correct.
    Phys. Ed.:  We have gym class on day _1__.  Remember to wear sneakers on day__1_ .
    Lunch menu for the first day - See menu  on the district website.
    Water bottle:  You may bring a water bottle to school.    Make sure it has your name on it! Please bring a backpack daily to school.
    Please bring a sock to be used as a white board marker.
    If you're able, please bring a small hand-held pencil sharpener.  I do have some available to share with the class.
    I'll provide all other supplies needed for the school day.
    Cycle Days:
    Our specials are:
    Day 1 - Phys. Ed.
    Day 2 - Library
    Day 3 -  Art
    Day 4 - Music
    Day 5  - Computer Lab
    Recess:  1:30-2:00
    Lunch: 12:05 - 12:35
    There will be numerous papers sent home the first week of school, please return them as soon as possible.
    Thank you,
    Mrs. Fetterhoff


Last Modified on August 24, 2023