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    CountryReports.org has over 26,000 pages of content on cultural and statistical information for all countries and regions around the world.
    **Dictionaries and Thesauri**
    Merriam/Webster Dictionary (dictionary and thesaurus)
    Wordsmyth (dictionary and thesaurus)
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    **Atlas and other Map Sites**
    **News Magazines**

    Resource Links


    Bibliomania - full text books to read on-line

    Melvil Dewey- check out this site to learn more about how and why our library is organized the way 
                              it is.  Challenging games along the way.
    Houghton-Mifflin Invitations to Literacy --The Reading/Language Arts Center: resources include
                                                                         Textbook support.      

    Figure this - makes math fun
    A Plus Math --web site developed to help students improve their math skills interactively
    Multiple subjects

    Discovery Channel  - help with homework, games and more.
    White House - topics on the president, first lady, vice president and his wife, the white house, plus math and
                              reading challenges and quizzes.


    Rock Hound Fun - Build a solid foundation on rock knowledge, rock-collecting safety, and have fun with puzzles
                                    too. Teacher plan ideas are also available to make this a great site for everyone.

    The Space Place - games and facts from NASA

    Ranger Rick - homework help - information about wildlife and wild places
    Building Big  -Explore construction by type of structure, try labs and challenges, read biographical sketches of
                            people working in a variety of engineering careers, and even nominate local structures
    Dragonfly -The Dragonfly Web Pages are for scientific investigators of all ages. Get involved in the
                       creative process of science and see how science relates to your life.
    Bill Nye the Science Guy-Nye applies his entertaining approach to science to the Web, with a Demo of the
                                                   Day, highlights from the day’s television episode, and a chance to e-mail your own
                                                   query. Requires Macromedia Shockwave Plug-in.
    Social Studies
    Ben"s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids-Children and YAs from Kindergarten through grade 12 will find
                                                                                   a  variety of information about basic aspects of the United
                                                                                   States and its government, such as how a bill becomes law.
    The 50 states- history, tourism, fast facts and famous people
    State and Local Governments-Information about each state’s government, plus maps of states and
                                                              information about local governments.
    InfoNation--Choose two countries and the site will compare them statistically, economically, and more.
    Atlapedia Online--contains key information on every country of the world. Each country profile provides facts and
                                      data on geography, climate, people, religion, language, history, and economy, making it
                                      ideal for personal or family education and for students of all ages.
    U.S. Gazeteer--Part of the U.S. Census Bureau. You can enter a place name or zip code and get needed
                               information from census data from the 1990 Census Lookup server. Includes a link to Census 2000.
    National Geographic-Maps, cultures, and facts from around the world. Includes a special section for kids 


Last Modified on July 18, 2018