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    Award Books and Award Winning Authors

    Newbery Medal and Honor Books  The Newbery Medal is awarded each year for distinguished literature. 

    Caldecott Medal and Honor Books The Caldecott Medal is awarded each year for distinguished illustrations.

    Coretta Scott King Award  This award is given each year to authors and illustrators of African descent who carry
                                                  on the Martin Luther King Jr. "dream".
    Laura Ingalls Wilder Award   This award, a bronze medal, honors an author or illustrator whose books, published
                                                      in the United States, have made, over a period of years, a substantial and lasting
                                                      contribution to literature for children.




    Literature Links

    100 Best Books for Children:  Here is a list of one hundred books selected by the  National Education
    100 Favorite Children"s Books: This list was created by the New York public library
    100 Best Children"s Books of the 20th Century:   List compiled by Cattermole, a children"s book
                       Five Finger Rule                                                        Ways to choose a book
    Five Finger Rule
    (How to choose my reading level)
    Open the book to any page
    Start reading that page.
    Hold up one finger for each word you do not know.
    If you can read the whole page and know all of the words, the book is too easy
    If you get to five words that you do not know the book is too hard.
    The book is just right when there are 2-3 words on the page that you need help with.  You want to challenge yourself.  You can ask your teacher, your friend or your family to help you with the words you don’t know.  That will give you new vocabulary and make you a better reader next time.
    Ways to choose a book that is right for me
    (How to choose a book I will like)
     Cover – great place to start, does it look interesting?
    Author- Have I read other books by this author that I liked?
    Illustrations – Does the book have enough illustrations, too many, do I like the pictures?
    Jacket summaries – Does reading what the book is about sound interesting?
    Recommendations – Do people who know my tastes (teachers, friends, family) recommend this book?
    Book Talks and reviews –These are intriguing advertisements that you might hear at school or see on TV or read in a magazine or newspaper.
    Award winner – Has this book been selected for an award in literature?
    Number of pages – does this book fit the time frame I have for reading it?
    Reading level – can I read this book myself or will I need help?
    Experience –from my own experience will I like this type of book? (I love mystery books. This book is a mystery so I will probably enjoy it also)
    Open the book and read a page – does it get my attention?



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