Welcome to room 203's website!!! Please let me know if you have any questions, thank you.

    Thanks for everyone's understanding during our switch to online learning!

    Google Classroom will be our learning platform for the remainder of the school year. 

    The following are excellent websites for students to access. The Epic Reading site is fantastic! Magnificent reading...our class has read over 1,000 books on Epic! :)

    Students should have full access to the Epic Reading website until June 30th.

    www.getepic.com is a great resource for students. This website is a full library of books that are leveled for students. I have assigned various readings to students. Many of the readings I assigned have a science base. The code for students to access our class on this site is rjp3849   I sent a link to all parents that allows students to access this site for free after school hours. It is always free for students during school hours.

    Please access the Middle Paxton flipgrid to listen to teachers and students read aloud. It would be great if students would record their own video to share!  code    mpreads

    code.org is a site for students to work on coding. The student code to access this site is JBRMYD

    Students also have access to Edmentum activities that are leveled for each student. http://clever.com/in/cdsd   Students will use their Central Dauphin login information. Students access this by clicking My Learning Path in Exact Path (this will allow students to practice skills at their level based on the diagnostic assessments). 

    Students have access to First in Math until July 31st. This is the site used for our virtual Math 24 tournament.


    other websites

    Interactive Grammar Games (1-5): http://www.funenglishgames.com/grammargames/verbnounadjective.html

    Read Theory (K-5): http://readtheory.org/

    Mr. Math Blog goes over every 4th grade math lesson - www.mrmathblog.com

    www.xtramath.org is a great site for students to continue practicing their basic math facts. Each student knows their login information and is working at their level.


    PSSA testing is cancelled for this school year. 


     My email - dsingleton@cdschools.org

    Helpful supplies include pencils and a sweater/sweatshirt (our room gets cool with the air conditioning). Students will be supplied with colored pencils, markers, glue, scissors, folders, etc. A binder will also be provided with folders for each subject. Students may choose to use their own binder, but I will ask them to use the color coded folders provided. Also, please view student planners and sign each evening, thank you. Students should get their Rah Rah Calendars signed at the end of each week and have them in class each Monday, thank you.


    Reminder - all volunteers must have a district issued badge.


                                                                             School Work

    Most evenings for homework students will be asked to read a good fit book for 15 minutes or more. They will record number of minutes read starting with the September calendar. Students should keep this calendar in their homework folder. My goal is to complete the math work in class, however there may be some evenings when there will be math homework. Also, students should be studying for tests, etc.


                                                                     Instrument Lessons

    Students are encouraged to play an instrument, however they are responsible for missed work and practicing at home. Students might need to complete missed work as homework. It is important to note that playing an instrument is a committment that requires time and effort, thank you. 


                                                                        Language Arts

     Please keep reading and writing. I highly recommend keeping a daily journal.



     Students are strongly encouraged to study multiplication fact triangles and play fact fluency games at home.

    An invaluable website that students should access is www.mrmathblog.com. This site goes over every lesson in GoMath. This can be especially important if a student is absent. We still need to cover chapters 12 and 13 this school year. Chapter 12 involves measurements and elapsed time while Chapter 13 covers perimeter and area.

    Please remember, www.mrmathblog.com is a great video source. This site shares a mini-lesson on all the chapters covered this year. 



    4th Grade Information:

     *Fourth grade is going to be a peanut free environment this year. Please keep this in mind when sending in food for snacks and parties.

     * The fourth grade team has also put some thought into birthday treats. If you find it necessary to send in a birthday treat, please make sure it is a non-edible treat. (pencils, treat bags with toys/gadgets, etc.) Distributing treats has become an issue. Cafeteria aids are not comfortable distributing edible treats unless a teacher has signed off on them due to health issues. This can be an problem if there’s a substitute or if we simply do not know what is in the treats. In order to avoid issues, we have decided to go to a no treat or non-edible treat format depending on your preference. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but it is a necessary safety precaution.


    Students are encouraged to logon to Edmentum at home and complete pathways set up for them in math and language arts. Also, students have login information for xtramath.com, so they can work on fact fluency.

     Students will also be able to logon epic for many different reading materials.

    Our specials schedule for this school year will be: 
    Day 1 Library
    Day 2 PE
    Day 3 Music
    Day 4 Art
    Day 5 Computer
    All 4th grade specials will be 2:55-3:35 PM          .

     Please remember to check HAC  (home access center) for current grades! 

     Please sign all tests and return. 
    A very helpful website that goes over each math lesson is www.mrmathblog.com     Students can view the youtube video of each lesson on this site. 
    Schedule for 2019-20
    Opening 8:45-9:00
    9:00 -10:25 LA
    10:25 - 10:40 Break/Math 24
    10:40-11:55 Math
    12:00-12:30 Lunch
    12:35 - 1:05 Recess
    1:05 - 1:30 LA/Math
    1:30 - 2:10 Skill groups
    2:10-2:50 Science/Social Studies
    3:40 Dismissal
    Student Absences - Parents should call to report an absence, and/or report transportation changes for that day –the number to call is 921-0156.
    Parents, please sign and return tests, thank you!
    Students will typically be asked to read for enjoyment at home. Please have students record minutes read on their monthly calendar and parents sign at the end of each week. I will check calendars the first day of each week. Thank you!




    The following website is a valuable tool for each unit studied in 4th Grade Science:    www.fossweb.com

    Students can access activities from this site along with all the key vocabulary for the unit. In addition to this, there are many other resources on the FOSS website. Students will be studying magnetism and electricity to begin the year.
     Students will have Mr. Cappello for Social Studies.
    School Information Principal: Mr. Iacavone
    Secretary: Mrs. Braddock
    School Phone #265-7920
    If you have any questions or concerns please email me at dsingleton@cdschools.org or call 265-7920.  





























    Check out these helpful websites:
    Skills Tutor:
    Do you need help with knowing how your child is completing their math algorithms the Everyday Math way?
    Click on this website and then click on RESOURCES!
    Typing Websites:
    You will have to download these programs before you can use them:
    Social Studies:
    http://holidays.pppst.com/columbusday.html  Christopher Columbus- Monday October 8th
    December Holidays:
    A variety of different subjects:
    Other Helpful Websites:


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