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    S. Kibler
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    Current Unit

    Students learning how to use the Mac computer and GarageBand. They will be using loops in GarageBand to create a short song.


    This course is designed to familiarize the student with the current uses of computers, synthesizers and software associated with the contemporary music industry while developing a foundation of music theory and musicianship.



    Upon successful completion of this course, student will:
    •    Develop listening and descriptive skills through a detailed listening journal
    •    Understand and implement musical concepts such as tempo, key, meter, harmony and form
    •    Understand the basic workings of computer hardware
    •    Become proficient with the Mac OS 10 
    •    Explore the basic properties of sound
    •    Understand the basic principles of MIDI technology
    •    Create, mix and edit a multi-track recording using sequencing software
    •    Create multi-media presentations incorporating animation, audio and video
    •    Mix and record musical compositions to MP3 and other sound formats
    •    Explore and create podcasts                       


    All assignments are due on the date listed on this site, or on the rubric for that project. Late assignments will be accepted, but with the condition that the assignment’s overall grade will be lowered by 10% for each class period late.



    Assessments 50% - This will be the final project for each unit. The students will be given a rubric for each project and the project will be graded based on the rubric.

    Classwork/ Homework/ Quizes 30% - This may include checks of progress during the projects, assigned homework and any other classwork. Quizzes will be either on the material that the students have learned, information from presentations by other students or a demonstration of skills they have learned.

    Class Participation 20 %- Students will be graded on a 3 point scale each day for class participation.


    Students are expected to attend and participate in all classes. This class is a hands-on project based class. If students are absent, they will be expected to make up the work on their own time either during lunch, a study hall or before or after school.


    Creating a song in GarageBand using loops.

    Creating a PowerPoint or Keynote with embedded audio.

    Creating a Podcast

    Recording and editing a multi-take recording of acoustic instruments.

    Entering and editing Midi.

    Creating a Music Video from still photos using iMovie.

    Supplied Materials

    Students will work with Mac computers using OS 10

    Applications used:



                PowerPoint or Keynote



    Midi capable keyboards

    Required Materials

    Each student is REQUIRED to provide a

    Flash Drive(2 gig minimum)

    Headphones/Ear buds with an 1/8” connection


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