• Special Occasions
    We understand there may be times during the school year when your child may want to celebrate a special occasion with friends.  Your child's teacher will work to provide a few minutes during the day for this celebration and we thank you in advance for supporting ideas other than food for these times.  With a growing number of food allergies and health related concerns, we greatly appreciate your care and kindness in supporting all of our students.
    The following are ideas you may consider for these special occasions:
       * Purchase and send in a special book labeled with your child's name and the
         occasion.  This book can be read by a visiting family member or by the student
         or teacher and then donated to the library in the child's honor.
       * Purchase a special pencil, note pad or eraser for the child to share with classmates
         to celebrate a special event.
    Classroom Parties
    In accordance with Central Dauphin School Board Policy, four parties are held each year: Halloween, Winter Holiday, Valentine's Day, and End-of-Year.  Room parents will be coordinated by the classroom teacher.  The faculty requests that students not be asked to send money to contribute toward teacher gifts.
    * Only 2 assigned volunteers will attend the party.
    * Pre-schoolers and other siblings will not attend parties.
    * Cell phones are not appropriate in school.
    * Volunteers may enter the classroom t 2:30 for the strt of parties at 2:45.
    * Several healthy snacks are appropriate.
Last Modified on May 24, 2010