• Academic Rigor
    Develop  All students engage in ongoing formative assessments that assist the educational team to develop and provide students with the opportunity to grow academically in all core subjet areas based on their current academic level.
    Support  Students needing additional support or students needing advancement and acceleration are provided both short-term and long-term interventions provided by instructional coaches and teachers with special training in the students' specific area of individual need.
    Lead  North Side teachers are leaders in their field and demonstrate LFS Best Practices in all of their instruction.
    Create  Teachers plan and work in collaborative grade level teams.  Pacing of instruction and academic standards taught to mastery are consistent and pervasive across grade levels providing equity for all students in all classrooms across all grade levels.
    Balance  Teachers work together throughout the year on service projects and wellness efforts, and have successfully competed in both the District volleyball and bowling tournaments.  Check out our trophy case in the lobby next to the PA Academic Award shields!
Last Modified on October 8, 2012