• 12 Signal Words
    Comprehension & Test Taking
    "Signal Words" are one of the most powerful comprehension and test taking strategies for students. 
    When students read a passage that includes Signal Words such as reason and result, they should automatically make the connection to cause and effect. These words "signal" students which comprehension strategy to apply.  When students read a  question like, “What happened right before the character disappeared?” they should make the connection from “right before” to sequencing and therefore put events in order.
    In addition to comprehension and higher level thinking words all students should be familiar with the following:
    1.  Trace
    2. Analyze
    3. Infer
    4. Evaluate
    5. Formulate
    6. Describe
    7.  Support
    8. Explain
    9. Summarize
    10. Compare
    11. Contrast
    12. Predict
    Specific activities can strengthen a student's understanding of Signals Words. Suggested activities include:
    • matching the Signal Word to the description of the Signal Word
    • finding the Signal Words in text – the newspaper works great with this activity
    • writing text using the Signal Words
    • highlighting the Signal Words in questions
    • creating questions with the Signal Words
Last Modified on May 29, 2014