• North Side Elementary
    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
        The original school building was constructed by Wm. Lynch Murray
    and Associates, during 1958-59.  The building dedication was held, on
    November 12, 1959.
         During that time, South Side and North Side were a part of the same
    construction contract.  It had marked another milestone in the School
    Board's program to provide adequate, economical and attractive schools
    for the children of Lower Paxton Township. 
         Construction for the first addition, to North Side Elementary, began
    in 1966.  With the second, and final, addition being completed in 1995.
    Mr. Kenneth Beard was principal of Mountain View Elementary, during 1964-66. 
    It was from 1966 through 1968, that Mr. Beard was appointed principal of both
    Mountain View and North Side.  In 1968, Mr. Beard became full-time principal
    of North Side Elementary School.
         Prior to 1964, Mr. Ellis Van Orman was the supervising principal, and
    Mr. William R. Smith was the building principal. 
        At the end of the 2004 school year, Mr. Beard retired from the Central
    Dauphin School District.  During the following school year, Mrs. Christine
    Lay was principal.   Dr. Mary Nardo served as North Side's principal.  Dr. Nardo
    came to North Side Elementary in August 2005 and worked as principal until
    November of 2011. 
       Currently Mrs. Sarah Box serves as North Side's principal.  Mrs. Box came to
    North Side in 2002 as a teacher.   She has served as principal since November of 2011.
    Pictured above is the original North Side Lobby
    Picture below are the K, 1 & 4th grade classrooms and nurse's office
Last Modified on May 29, 2014