Room 1 Class Room Rules
    We will be....
    1.  Responsible
    2.  Respectful
    3.  Safe
    4.  Prepared
    5.  Kind
    1. We have Mystery Motivator.  
    2. We earn "cookies" by receiving compliments from other adults in the school.
    3.  When we get the goal amount of "cookies", we get to celebrate with a Mystery Reward!
    We have the clip system in our classroom.  If you follow the classroom rules and show excellent behavior you get a chance to clip up.  If you do not follow the classroom rules, you have to clip down on the chart.
                All students start on green (Ready to Learn)
    Clip Up
                      1 clip up is yellow (Good Day) and you get 1 High 5
                      2 clips up is orange (Sweet Job!) and you get 2 High 5s
                      3 clips up is pink (Fabulous Work!) and you get 3 High 5s, a tag and an Outstanding Note Home
    Clip Down
                   1 clip down is blue (Think About It), this is a warning and a chance to think about your behavior
                   2 clips down is purple (Teacher's Choice) and the teacher decides the consequence based on the behavior
                   3 clips down is red (Parent Contact) and the teacher will call home to discuss the behavior
    * If a child clips down to purple or red a note home about the behavior may be sent home for the parents to sign and return.
Last Modified on August 17, 2017