• Scholarships

    Dear 2021-2022 Senior Student PTSO Member:

    This year the CDHS PTSO (Parent Teacher Student Organization) is pleased to be able to provide scholarship awards to deserving senior PTSO student members who plan to continue their education. If you are a two-year senior student member of the CDHS PTSO, you are invited to apply for a PTSO scholarship. 
    The CDHS PTSO is a service organization and the focus of the PTSO's scholarship program is recognition of service. Accordingly, PTSO scholarships are awarded to recognize student service to the school, community and self. Judging and selection of award recipients will be based on consideration of service, as specifically outlined and defined in the CDHS PTSO Scholarship Application packet.

    Attached hereto you will find a Scholarship Application form, a Service Description form, the required Reference forms (Citizenship and Community Service) and the Application Procedures form. Please thoroughly review the Application Procedures form which identifies and defines the requirements for submission of a complete Application. To be considered for a CDHS PTSO scholarship, a hard-copy of your complete Application packet must be turned in to the CDHS Guidance Office on or before Wednesday, March 31, 2021. Scholarship winners will be announced and presented with their awards at the Senior Awards Program in May.

    PLEASE NOTE: (as outlined in the Application Procedures form) a complete Application submission will contain the Scholarship Application Form, the required description of your service activities (to school, community and self), the two required reference forms (citizenship and community service), your one-page essay response, and written documentation which confirms your post-secondary plans.

    Important Reminders:

    • Incomplete and/or late Applications (received in the Guidance Office after April 1, 2020) will NOT be accepted or considered.
    • Senior students must meet the two-year CDHS PTSO membership requirement to be eligible for a PTSO scholarship award (i.e., must be a member in senior year and have been a member as a freshman, sophomore or junior.) Exception: a senior transfer student must only be a CDHS PTSO member in senior year. Applications of ineligible students will NOT be considered.

    On behalf of the PTSO Executive Board and the Scholarship Committee, I congratulate you on your upcoming graduation and your future plans. If you have any questions about the Application materials or process, please email me.
     Danica Storry
    Scholarship Chairperson
    Click here for the 2020-2021 Scholarship Application

    Hard copies are available in the College and Career Center.